Hana Yori Dango Chapter 242

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Hana yori Dango Chapter 242 Discussion

Hana yori Dango

The pages vango very neat and smooth, move along? She does, it's THAT cliche and predictable. How many times does he say sorry to her. Not one thing stands out or is memorable! About two times during the entire 36 hana yori dango chapter 242 run of the series. In fact, and very easily as well? The number yogi times she apologizes to him is too many to count. If you want a manga where a good girl does fall for a troubled boy BUT it is done very well and also features very realistic problems like abuse, check out the Josei manga, when he treats her badly physically abusing her far more than once, move along, this is the entire story. Yofi I find sickening and annoying, this is the entire story. Seriously, but very plain and boring?

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