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He was chasing Sly and ended up getting distracted by dying mooshrooms spawned by TheSyndicateProject [SynHd]. He walked up a steep hill and saw Antvenom. Seeing that Ant had armor, Jordan backed off and fell down a cliff. His second encounter was much more hectic. He saw Antvenom coming through the forest and jumped a cliff. Youtube mini wheats speed dating then proceeded to shoot Jordan with his bow and his shot hit Jordan back into a lavafall.

By then Jordan's health receded to 5. He threw his potion of harming. The first throw hit Ant, but the second fell into the water. Ant hit him with a diamond sword and eventually killed him. Second Game The second game was worse for Jordan. He immediately got hunted down by Team Bomb Squad, composed of Seamus O'Doherty, SlyImmortalHD and Syndicate. He lost them by retreating into a crumbling skyscraper, but got lost himself inside the building due to its broken staircases and near identical rooms.

He youtube mini wheats speed dating a chest with a golden sword and a raw porkchop. He then met a skeleton who shot him off the building. Sparklez repositioned himself to fall back into the building but by then, he dating website 3 questions two hearts left. After a long youtube mini wheats speed dating on his building, he saw AntVenom chasing down Seamus towards his direction.

He tried to parkour to youtube mini wheats speed dating nearby bookshelf but failed, fell and died. The game's video was posted on YouTube with the title of "The Unfortunate Tale of CaptainSparklez". Third Game The third game was not uploaded to CaptainSparklez's YouTube channel, for unknown reasons, possibly because of recording failure.

Through other's videos however, fans were able to find out what had happened to him. Near the end, CaptainSparklez and ImmortalHD had a battle on the beach, with ImmortalHD being the victor. Jordan ended up in fifth place that game. Fourth Game The fourth game was also not uploaded, possibly because of his mediocre performance. However, his fans easily found out what had happened via other people's videos.

A few seconds after the grace period ended, Jordan was ambushed by Slamacow inside a youtube mini wheats speed dating and became first one to die. Subsequent Games After those defeats, Captainsparklez had been playing a good amount of survival games with xRpMx In the fifth survival games, Jordan had a hard time finding good gear in the beginning. However, because of HuskyMudkipz placing his useless armor in a chest CaptainSparklez found, he was geared for the death match.

In the deathmatch, even with a disadvantage, Captainsparklez was able to triumph youtube mini wheats speed dating the tributes by backing into a corner of the platform and allowing the 3 tributes to kill each other, he then battled the victor of that and killed him. The second round was a co-op round where Jordan played with xRpMx A few months ago, staffers at Dentsu Aegis shops Posterscope and NBS grew increasingly concerned that governments "were not doing much to fight the mosquitoes" that carry the virus, says Otto Frossard, strategy director at Posterscope Brazil.

So the shops took their case to the streets, installing a dozen special billboards on busy thoroughfares in neighborhoods throughout Rio de Janeiro. These signs emitted lactic acid and carbon dioxide to mimic, respectively, human perspiration and respiration, luring Aedes aegypti mosquitoes within a range of more than 1. Once trapped inside the billboards, the mosquitoes quickly expired from dehydration.

The australias largest dating sites ran for two months at the height of Brazil's summer season, killing about mosquitoes a day, and more than 30, of the pests overall. Indeed, the effort ties into a recent trend of making OOH campaigns more useful than ever. Presenting consumers with an immediate tangible benefit, especially when coupled with technology, tends to drive interest and engagement exponentially, he says. In less than 10 days, the case study uploaded to the NBS YouTube site was viewed more thantimes, and news outlets around the world ranging from the BBC and CNN to Fox News and The Huffington Post ran stories about the campaign.

Dodge Ram, Hyper-targeting Insights Enabler Faced with a limited budget and not a ton of inventory, IPG Mediabrands' programmatic arm, Cadreon, in Mexico City looked to boost sales for the Dodge Ram It started by identifying three male target groups: Cadreon then set about geo-fencing supply centers with a mobile campaign that followed the targets wherever they moved, adding on digital out-of-home media screens programmatically linked to Cadreon's trading desk.

TV ads purchased programmatically by postal code optimized reach and frequency. Reach surged percent for all three targets, while purchase consideration rose What's more, brand recall was up 4. Ultimately, Dodge dealers reported a percent sales increase for the model versus the year prior. Campari America, Moments That Matter Given that 28 Americans die every day from drunk driving, it is incumbent on spirits makers to try harder to raise awareness.

But as TV ads often don't resonate, Campari America took to what it calls "data-infused" mobile, via agency Mindshare and mobile rewards network Kiip which offers rewards to users playing its games. Using mobile helped reach users right when they are considering another drink and a Lyft ride, or to call it a night. In total, nearlyLyft coupons were redeemed, part of a 20 percent engagement rate with Kiip five times the norm.

SpeakEmoji This has been a banner year for the emoji. Brands from Coca-Cola to Ikea made their own emoticons while others like Pepsi put emojis in their ad campaigns and on their packaging. SapientNitro picked up on the trend, watching as smiley faces and hand gestures became a language of their own—but a language that some older folks weren't quite able to decipher.

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