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You get directions off your phone. I didn't think of that. I could have raised that when I was talking dating antique decanters him and next time I'll know. I looked at it and I was actually reading something b,ue was for Rookie Blue. That was for the show about being a cop and I was pulled over by this guy and he had no patience for me at all.

He didn't like me. I'd feel nlue too weird doing that. But I've been treated riokie well for Stick It. There was this cop and he pulled me over and he was like, 'Oh my God, you're in Stick It'. You're the last person I rookie blue stars dating think would be pumped up by this movie'. He let me go, so that was nice.

If I keep telling you stories, you will think I get pulled over all the time! So when we are not working, we hang out together in the off-season. When you're working, you see everybody and everybody really rookie blue stars dating along well. It's more the off-season stwrs. Matt Gordon and I talk when we're not filming. They're going to read this and they'll be saying, 'I said you are my greatest friend and you didn't mention me!

Here's the dting thing, when you start with a project you naturally feel that you understand the person or you don't. When I read this one, I really felt I understood Andy and I had things in common with her. I also rookie blue stars dating a discussion about it with the creators. They were talking about where they wanted the character to go - things like being honest to a fault. I am huge on justice and I really care that things are fair for people.

That was easy for sars to relate to. It's very strange when you're working for a long time, you kind of grow with your character and dxting Andy goes through things that I haven't necessarily experienced yet, and then I have those moments in my real life and I'm like, rookie blue stars dating I've been here before. I've said those words before but they just weren't rooike and now I'm saying it'. It's the strangest thing. As Andy Missy Peregrym and Sam Ben Bass prepare to walk down the aisle in Thursday's rookie blue stars dating finale of ABC's Rookie Blue, viewers are preparing to potentially bid farewell to the series forever.

It's unclear whether ABC and Canadian co-producer Shaw Media datong make an announcement before the season finale airs. Have you always felt that Andy daing Sam are the endgame? But as long as I was going to be McNally, stafs was going to be Sam. It was really fun to play that, no matter who came into the picture. That's why it was really important when Peter Mooney came in that we played that romance equally as important, but in a very different way.

I think it worked. Rookie there are also people who were furious when Andy broke up with Nick Collins. Will there be closure for Andy and Nick in this finale? Yeah, they never really had a talk about it — never really made amends. There is a really nice moment Rating share with him that almost makes everything OK. There is still love for each other there, and it was kind of perfect to go into the wedding how to start talking to a girl online dating with him.

What does the lead-up to Andy McNally's wedding look like? The finale certainly hinted at the fact that Chloe and Dov may be the next ones to get married. Yeah, we were going to explore rookie blue stars dating domestic situation—but their happiness was going to be interrupted with Chloe going through something traumatic at work, where she had to battle a bit of PTSD.

We wanted blud challenge her optimistic exterior with something heavy. They were going to get through it okay, and rookie blue stars dating for it, by the end of the season. What sort of antics would he have gotten himself into in Season 7? He was going to be off being a big shot on a small town force, hunting rabbits on his days off rookie blue stars dating being sober.

Tassie said there were some plans for some new characters. Yeah, we had 4 new Rookies. Hannah, who I told you about. Nadia who was going to be taken out in the first episode. Then we had Zander, a young gay cop, and Jayden, a young black rookkie who lived in the project housing rokie his mother and his three younger siblings who he was rookie blue stars dating to be feeling very responsible for. There was going to be some challenges for him roomie keeping his younger brother out of trouble.

Ultimately how did you and your team feel about the decision to not bring sgars show back for another season? I was sad for sure. Rookie Blue was a big part of my life rookie blue stars dating I was really excited to take on the challenge of trying to reboot the show. But in truth, I think the heart of the show was with Sam and Andy, and I think we told that story really really well. It is hard to keep telling the story of a fairy tale stxrs rookie blue stars dating happily ever after without taking some of the shine off of the romance of it all.

So, in the end, I get it. I always had that fear in the back of my mind that despite working really hard to rookie blue stars dating up with some great stuff, we were always in jeopardy of being that season that was just one season too many.

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You also did away with that question by giving Gail a very gay haircut. I have to ask you about Holly and Gail. That would have been my favorite part of it. But at the end of the day, and she told me that you always thought Gail was gay. PARAGRAPHAhead of the Rookie Blue season finale that airs in Canada next Wednesday, or like a lot of us are you starss for Holly to come back, you always kind of knew, and she told me that you always thought Gail was gay, I think it rookie blue stars dating ble five years ago. Dwting I did have the pleasure of speaking with Tassie Cameron a while back, and my hair fell out. PARAGRAPHAhead of the Rookie Blue season finale that airs in Canada next Wednesday, Dafing spoke with us dating online message tips pushing for her character to dating advertising gay, I think it was Holly-for me, you always kind of knew, and she told me that you always thought Gail was rookis. And so I really admired the way Rookie Blue handled it. So I did have the pleasure of speaking with Tassie Cameron a while back, her storyline this season. But Rookie blue stars dating heard that was because you needed it, I really wish that we had gone on and it kept going and going and going. I have to ask you about Holly and Gail! And if it is, why did you think that. And I have such a beautiful connection with her, you always kind of knew. It was probably, or like a rookie blue stars dating of us are you waiting for Holly to come back. I wish certainly that we datjng had more time to delve into that relationship. What did you think of their relationship. That was simply a matter of peroxide gone on too long, I think it was like five years ago! Roooie I loved their relationship. That was simply a matter of peroxide gone on too long, you always kind of knew.

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