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Goss says there are security measures in place to ensure that only Trump supporters have access to the site. Goss also dating site for trump supporters a warning to anyone attempting to enter the site to sway people's political views. Is segregation really the best solution? Goss says he hopes his solution to dating doesn't create further divisions. We need to keep life moving along while we are figuring this out," he says. Goss also says he "wouldn't be opposed" to creating a similar site for Democrats.

I want everyone dating site for trump supporters be happy," he says. Not everyone's a fan Not everyone has enjoyed Goss's efforts to create a space for Trump supporters. Indeed, at the time of interviewing Goss, the site was undergoing a Denial-of-Service DDoS attack from hackers. One user named "Martine Saul" is actually a popular "League of Legends" vlogger named Aline Faria.

Perhaps the site was glitching. Eventually, I was able to find a real person. She told me she was well aware of her photo on the site because she signed suppoters for it to write an article. Why are there so many fake accounts? One possibility is that the owners of the site created a bunch of phony users to make it seem more active. If that sounds dubious, remember this was basically the strategy employed by the ill-fated AshleyMadison.

Goss, who's married and lives in the Santa Clarita Valley of California, isn't the only entrepreneur to daging into the world of online dating. Over the past few decades, sites devoted to matching people interested in all manner of topics have popped up. If you're a sea captain looking for a first mate, as it were, there's a site for you.

Same with people who admire vampires, and video game players looking for dating divas open when letters plus-one. In some ways, they're all offering an alternative to services like Tinder, Match. But niche dating sites focused on religious affiliations -- like JDate dsting ChristianMingle -- are popular too. So, is it any surprise there's one for Trump trymp That doesn't mean using sites like this is a good idea, said Nicole Ellison, a professor at the University of Michigan School trum; Information.

Often people end up choosing or dismissing people who have characteristics that don't really matter in the end. So dating site for trump supporters probably no surprise Goss had the idea for his website after stumbling across BernieSingles. At first he was going to create a Trump style me-too site as a joke. Click for more coverage. But then he started to think about it dating site for trump supporters. Trump supporters might have trouble staying on a date with someone wearing their "I'm With Her" Hillary Clinton campaign slogan T-shirt, or vice versa.

And, he figured, it would make for a fun thing to do until the nomination. The site's tagline is even a slight wink at users: By May, Goss began asking friends to create profiles and test the site.

There's a dating site called TrumpSingles. It's not fake.

Dating Site for Trump Supporters Sees Post-Election Membership Boost

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